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Bored of exposing US and British atrocities in Afghanistan, Wikileaks have turned their attention to Russia and China.

Bored of exposing US and British atrocities in Afganistan, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has told the media that his whistleblowing organisation will next turn its sights on Russia and China. He’s quoted as telling Russian newspaper Izvestia that:

“We have [compromising materials] about Russia, about your government and businessmen,” Mr. Assange told the pro-government daily Izvestia. “But not as much as we’d like… We will publish these materials soon.”

Of course, the question is – what on earth could Wikileaks possibly dig up about Russia that would actually surprise anyone? Given the state of corruption in Russia, and the resigned lack of belief that most Russians have in their elites, probably not that much at all. Not that this will stop the Western media from having a field day about how wonderful the US and the UK are compared to Russia, of course.

It’s already begun in some circles – CSMonitor, for example, leads their report with the following alarmist headline:

“WikiLeaks ready to drop a bombshell on Russia. But will Russians get to read about it? WikiLeaks is about to release documents on Russia, but the tightly-controlled Russian media is unlikely to report them the way Western media attacked the documents about Afghanistan and Iraq”

If that’s the case – why is the story already being reported in the state-owned RIA Novosti?


Anyway, watch this space for exciting (nay, surprising!) revelations about Russia.

Update: A few months after this article was written, Russia decided that actually it loves Wikileaks.


  • Fred Weird of the CSM behaves as if he’s never heard of or hasn’t reported on Russia for over a decade. Must be a slow news day. On the plus side, if Med-o-Put are smart, they can use it as an excuse to clear out as much corruption from the top as possible, offering them the famous “retire or be retired. You have … weeks to choose”. Having just put Luzhkov into the dust pan an brush, this is pretty good timing on a PR front and would give real muscle to Medvyedev’s anti-corruption drive. Or maybe not…

  • Actually, you misunderstood Wikileaks’ intentions. They’re gonna provide material REGARDING Russia but NOT compromising it. It’s mostly about American dirt. Mhuahaha, suckers.

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