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White Siberian Cat – all you need to know

Cats are a very popular domestic animal and really the perfect house pet. One of the most popular breeds of cat would have to be the siberian cat that origins come from Russia, they are actually the national cat of Russia. What makes the siberian so popular is its very unique traits, they are said to be hypoallergenic which is a huge relief for cat lovers all over the world who suffer from allergies, now you now the beautiful siberian cat will give you no trouble when it comes to your allergies.

Similar to dogs the siberian cats are very warm creatures, very loyal to their owners. More often than not they will greet you at the door when you come in and share plenty of affection. If you have other pets as well as this cat then its helpful to note that they can be quite sociable with other animals, its the general warmness of this special breed, even dogs can become playmates to them. They are very rarely aggressive and love family atmosphere and people to be around them.

The white siberian cat is the rarest and most beautiful of all, with their beautiful glossy smooth hair and sparkling eyes they really are a stunning cat and would make a welcome addition to any pet or cat lovers home. You could also choose a red siberian, brown siberian, or even a brown patch kitten. There are various colors and species of this intelligent breed, all of which are just as amazing as their counterparts, certain colors tend to be more sought after than others so if you fancy a special color you might need to wait a while or talk to certain breeders.

There are three different types of fur contained on the siberian, many say it is due to the extreme cold temperatures in Russia, so the cats need extra protection and heat against the cold. Their hair is generally very neat, so a brushing once a week or so is more than enough to keep them in good condition. The very independent cat however, would most likely take care of their fun themselves though. Due to the intelligence of this special breed, it can be considered quite a show cat, with many devoted owners training them for shows, the siberian does enjoy fun and activities, they also learn very quickly but at the end of the day they like their home comforts more than anything else.

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