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What a cool birthday present!

Finally it’s over!  In a tense three-way fight to the finish to the First European Weblog Awards, Siberian Light scraped home in the Best CIS Blog category a mere 7 votes ahead of The Argus, who in turn sealed their second place finish by only 3 votes from Neeka’s Backlog.   

The first debt of thanks has to go to Mum.  Simply because she’s Mum, and she’d get mad at me if I did an acceptance speech without mentioning her.

Thanks also to all who voted for and read Siberian Light, and congratulations to all the finalists in the CIS category.  The closeness of the finish is certainly due to the high quality of blogs covering the region.

Siberian Light also finished a very distant fourth in the Best Weblog Focused on a Single Country or Region category – a full 272 votes behind deserved winner The Glory of Carniola.   

For the rest of the results, go check out the official roll of honour over at A Fistful of Euros.

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  • How come you thank your mum and not me? Am I not your ever loving and long suffering girlfriend? I’m seriously reconsidering my acceptance of your inability to close cupboard doors in light of this gross oversight on your part. I am hurt and deeply offended. Hurt!

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