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Weekly Russia Blog Roundup, 25 January 2011

A roundup of the past seven days best Russia blog posts, including coverage of the Moscow airport bombing.

Whatever happened over the past week in Russia has been overshadowed by the bombing of Moscow’s Domodedovo airport which killed 35 people from Russia and around the world.

Reaction from Russia bloggers was swift, with many posting the news before international news organisations had really got started.  Global Voices, for example, had a post up summarising and translating Russian tweets about the bombing within hours.  Other Russia bloggers were quick to provide comments, and I’ve rounded up a few below:

In a final word on the bombing, Natalia Antonova posts on her blog about her friend Anna Yablonskaya, a Russian playwright who was killed.  Natalia has also written another article on the Guardian’s website.  (On a happier note – Natalia got married this weekend – wonderful news!)

Other posts of note this week include:

Well, that’s it.  But, before you go – have a quick listen to a Russian police choir singing Let My People Go.


  • I think the reasons the government doesn’t want people using Skype are pretty obvious.

    1. If your computer network, or the one of the person you are talking to, is not secure, then a lot of information is vulnerable.
    2. It would be the easiest way to bug a room, without even having to know anything about technology.
    3. Most people are going to be using it for personal, not professional, commuications, taking up bandwidth and costing the government money.

  • It is very pity that so many innocent people died. As to the Anna Yablonskaya, she is Ukrainian playwright. She was born in Odessa, Ukraine; and arrived in Moscow on a flight from Odessa.

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