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Weekly Russia Blog Roundup, 13 November 2010

Another epic roundup of the best blog posts about Russia from the past week

The two big stories gripping the Russia blogs this week are the fallout from the savage beating of journalist Oleg Kashin, and the Russian spies in the US story. 

But, before I get to either, I’ll direct you to this excellent explanation of the Collapse of the USSR by the Kremlin Stooge.  In his own words,

“this is a bit like taking the degree program in about a half-hour. It would probably be a bit of an exaggeration to say that it negates the advantage of a college degree; however, it’s a priceless insight into the initial stumbles that brought down a juggernaut.”

I’m sitting here re-reading his post with a fine whisky in hand. It might sound pretentious, but I highly recommend you do the same. Quality stuff.

Back to Kashin. Everyone has an opinion on his brutal assault, but none are better expressed than this from Poemless.

“Ok, so I read on facebook or twitter about the attack that night. My first reaction was, “That Kashin? Why would anyone wanna kill Kashin?! Vladimir Putin, you are a horrible person! Sick!” Then, “maybe he owed someone money…” Then, “god, I feel terrible about hating him for spamming -I mean, really spamming- my twitter feed. After all, he has great taste in music; he must be a decent fellow, with just a whole lot of time on his hands, but how is that even possible? He’s prolific, everywhere. Maybe he had a twitter bot. I’m going to check his feed… OMG! Silence! … omg. he’s really been attacked. a real live human being. fuck. fuckfuckfuckfuck…” “

Other comments on the Kashin beating include:

The Russian spies arrested in the US story (more commonly known as the Anna Chapman affair) received a boost this week after it was revealed that the spies had been turned in by Colonel Shcherbakov, a double agent from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, and a Kremlin official hinted that an assassin had been sent after him.

In other blog posts

Well, that’s it.  My glass of whisky has run dry, so I’ll leave you with this video, found courtesy of Birdbrain which chronicles 10 centuries of European history in five minutes.  As she says, “Notice the size of Russia throughout. I love how it’s always been so… huge.”


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