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Weekly News #12

A ‘President’ is killed in Chechnya, Communists win elections in Moldova, anti-government protests are held in both Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan, and two Baltic Presidents thumb their noses at Russia.  Plus all the latest about pornographic opera at the Bolshoi.



Foreign Affairs

  • The US has announced that it supports Russia’s desire to continue basing its Black Sea Fleet out of Sevastopol, Ukraine.
  • NATO and Russia are to conduct a Joint Theatre Missile Defence Exercise.  They will be testing something technological which involves lots of acronyms.
  • Russia has praised Syria for deciding to withdraw its troops from Lebanon.
  • A Seoul newspaper has claimed that South Korea plans to lease a Russian military base near the North Korean border for training exercises involving large numbers of troops and artillery.  Russia has denied the claim.
  • China and Russia have postponed plans for talks on joint military exercises in 2005.  Technical reasons were stated.
  • The EU has allocated 870,000 euros (approx $1 million) to human rights projects in Russia.

And finally…

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