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Weekly Blog Roundup, Sunday 9 January

2011’s first weekly roundup of blog posts about Russia

After taking a break towards the end of 2010, welcome to the first weekly Russia blogs roundup of 2011.  Naturally, with this being the beginning of a new year, the past week or so has been packed with posts rounding up the year just gone by, and offering predictions for the year to come.

  • Best of the bunch was Vadim Nitkin’s Russia Report Card for 2010.  Head over for his subject by subject breakdown of Russia’s academic year (final verdict – “great potential but could do miles better”)
  • Anatoly’s decision to cover not just Russia but the whole world meant he couldn’t fit everything from his New Year Special into one post – so here’s his 2010 review, and here’s his 2011 predictions.
  • Gordon Hahn sums up the year for the thaw and the tandem.
  • Also popular with hosted bloggers were an auto-generated post reviewing their blog’s stats for the past year.  If you’re a nosy stat geek (like me), then click through to see how Eagle and the Bear and In Moscow’s Shadows did last year.  It’s nice to see Siberian Light was one of the biggest referring sites for each – hopefully as a result of these weekly roundup posts.

With it being Russian Christmas on Friday, we also saw quite a few posts about Christmas:

But there’s been other stuff too. For example…

And now, I shall depart.  Toodle-pip.

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