Siberian Light


  • These terrorists are cowards. No one in the world has sympathy for people who hurt children. It is a crime against humanity.

    I am an American and the situation is all over the news here. We are all concerned and our prayers are with the Russian people.


  • Yeah, it’s sick. But let’s not be so dramatic about this kind of evil. When America slapped sanctions on Iraq, its regime knew fully well that children would be above all the main victims. Wicked Witch of the West, Ms. Albright, said, “we think the price is worth it” — in reference to hundreds of thousands of dead children. Nor is it so different from Russia’s army indiscriminately bombing Grozny for weeks on end

    The use of the word terrorist is limited to Muslims, and is therefore not condemnation, but often veers towards racism. What makes these terrorists so different from the armies that have ravaged Europe and Russia over the past 100 years? If one “could not imagine” that such a thing could happen, well, one has not paid much attention to history — or am I wrong?

    Regardless, I agree with you. The acts were despicable, reprehensible and caused disbelief. But maybe we are sheltered, somehow, lulled by the rhetoric of certain democracies, into believing only certain groups practice evil, whereas there is no monopoly on terrorism.

  • Off the topic of this post, but what do you think of Putin’s new measures centralizing control? Is this a step towards a more authoritarian Russia?

  • My friends and I are horrified at what is occurring in your country.

    Please accept the condolences and prayers from all of us in America.

  • Violence against children…it makes one wonder what the perpetrators could possibly be hoping to gain. It’s an awful, disgusting incident.

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