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Tunguska Juice

Information about the Tunguska Juice energy drink, and claims of its health benefits.

Tunguska juice is an energy drink / nutritional supplement that is marketed in the US as the Tunguska Blast drink. Drink a bottle a day, say the various websites around the internet talking about this drink, and hopefully your energy levels will increase, your immune system will be boosted, you’ll experience wonder health benefits, you’ll increase the number of Antioxidants and Adaptogens in your system, and all that stuff.

Tunguska Blast is made up of a number of ingredients that can grow in Siberia, near the scene of the 1908 Tunguska explosion. The ingredients include Siberian Ginseng, Shizandra, Manchurian Thorn Tree, Chaga Root, Rhodiola Rosea, Liquorice Root. The added selling point of this particular drink is that it doesn’t just contain the above ingredients, but that they come from the region near this mystical explosion (which many think was caused by a massive meteorite striking the earth, and others think might have been a UFO crashing). The company don’t outright say it in their marketing, but they hint that this gives the drink added benefits.

If you don’t mind that your ingredients don’t come from near the Tunguska explosion zone, then you can actually make Tunguska juice at home – there’s a pretty cool recipe at E-How, which basically involves taking all the ingredients, adding water and ice, and then whizzing them up in the blender. The most difficult part of this recipe will be finding the stuff you’ll need – not a lot of people have Sargents virburnum extract, for example, hanging around the kitchen.

The Tunguska Blast drink is marketed by a company called CyberWize Corp. They are essentially a Multi-Level-Marketing company and seem to do the bulk of their selling via networkers, who get a commission for each sale. A quick search of the internet identifies some positive reviews of working with Cyberwize, as well as others talking about a Cyberwize scam.

Disclaimer: I have never worked with Cyberwize, and am not affiliated with them. I make no comment on the business model they’ve chosen for selling their Tunguska Blast Juice drink – you should do your own research before entering into any business arrangement with them. I have also never tasted Tunguska Blast, and have no idea if any of the claims made are true.

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