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The Russian Store Blog – store blogging done right

The Russian Store Blog – a bonkers guide to Matrioshka dolls and finding the right size Russian hat

The Russian Store BlogOne of the standard pieces of advice to people who have an internet store these days is: if you want good rankings in Google, set up a blog – you’ll get extra links to your site, and you’ll convince the big G that your site is being regularly updated.

Lots of people take this advice and, as a result, lots of people set up dull blogs that are little more than product listings or, worse, they scrape content from other bloggers and news sites so that they can fool Google into thinking they have a blog.

The Russian Store have set up a blog on their site but, thankfully, they’ve gone one step further and actually developed a useful and interesting blog – one you’d actually want to read. That’s because they don’t just use their blog to tell you about their products – they tell you about them in a useful and sometimes absolutely bonkers way. They tell you about them with passion.

Take, for example, their obsession with Matrioshka dolls, which manifests itself in the form of silly cartoons like The Good, the Bad and the Babushka (pictured above) and Odd Uses for Nesting Dolls.

They’ve also developed a series of useful videos, to teach people how do things like take care of amber jewelery or measure themselves for a Russian hat.

Usually I’m suspicious of store-blogs, but I really enjoyed reading the Russian Store Blog – it’s store blogging done right.


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