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Sounds from Hell in Siberia

Myths and legends have been with us for decades but after the internet began to take hold in the mid 1990’s there was an explosion of so called Urban Myths. No area of the world was excluded and one particular story involved the infamous ‘Well to Hell’ a borehole in Siberia that was supposed to have unearthed the literal screams of the damned.


There are conflicting reports as to exactly when the stories first emerged but the myth of the sounds from hell in Siberia has probably been around on the internet since 1997. However, it is known that back in 1989, it was broadcast as a story by the Trinity Broadcasting Network who in turn had picked up reports from Finnish newspapers.

The Well to Hell

The story states that residents of Siberia drilled a hole some nine miles deep at which point they unearthed a large cavity. Here they were alleged to have heard ‘human screams’ and at this stage they genuinely feared that they were hearing screams from lost souls in hell.

Scientists involved in the project were genuinely fearful that they had unleashed evil powers up to the earth’s surface.

‘The information we are gathering is so surprising, that we are sincerely afraid of what we might find down there,’ said a certain Dr Azzacov, the manager of the project.

In addition, the temperatures in the cavity took a surprising turn and the team are said to have recorded figures in excess of 1,000 degrees centigrade,

‘The calculations indicate the given temperature was about 1,100 degrees Celsius, or over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit,’ Azzacov continued. ‘This is far more than we expected. It seems almost like an inferno of fire is brutally going on in the centre of the earth.’

The Screams of the Damned

As well as the heat anomalies, the drilling party were shocked by the sounds that they heard. This together with the unnatural heat levels experienced convinced them that they were listening to the screams of the eternally damned.

Dr Azzacov and his team felt that they had literally uncovered the sounds from hell in Siberia.

The myth gathers pace.

After the Trinity Broadcasting Network picked up on the story, the myth really started to gather pace. TBC are an overtly religious network and by relaying the legend and playing sound clips, they sought to convince viewers that here was concrete evidence of the existence of Hell.

How much is fact?

The answer to that particular question is likely to be ‘very little’. In 1989, the Soviet Union did drill the Kola Superdeep Borehole outside of Siberia. This hole extended to eight miles where temperatures of around 180 degrees centigrade made it cost prohibitive to continue.

However, many still believe that the ‘Well from Hell’ has a basis of fact and there are many stories and of course, many soundclips available across the internet. The sounds are chilling but are they real?

Maybe the last word on the story should go to Dr Azzacov,

‘We could hardly believe our own ears. We heard a human voice, screaming in pain. Even though one voice was discernible, we could hear thousands, perhaps millions, in the background, of suffering souls screaming. Hopefully, that which is down there will stay there,’




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