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Siberian wolf

The term Siberian Wolf can be a little misleading at times as it is often used in connection with three different animal species. Firstly there is the Siberian Wolf itself which is the largest of all wolves. The term can also apply to the Mongolian Wolf which is native to much of Siberia and therefore is sometimes referred to as a Siberian Wolf.

Finally, in the present day it could be used in reference to the Siberian Husky, a large wolf like working dog which is popular as a breed all over the world for a number of reasons.


The Siberian Husky is a direct descendent of the sled dog and as such, it is one of the oldest species known to man. From very early times these dogs were used as working animals and their inherent strength and stamina made them ideal for pulling heavy loads across long distances.


In the instances where Siberian Huskies have lived in the wild, their endurance has meant that the harsh conditions in some parts of Siberia have not been an issue for them. In addition, they have been exported to other, cold parts of the world including North America and Alaska.

The key to the Siberian Husky’s ability to withstand low temperatures is in their coat which is much thicker than that of other dogs. It consists of a dense undercoat covered in a layer of thick fur on the exterior.

Although the vast majority of Siberian Huskies are now captive bred, their working duties mean that they are outside for long periods of time so their resistance to the cold is still important.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for Siberian Huskies as pets due in no small part to their unwavering loyalty. They are immensely loyal and of course they are visually stunning animals and all of these factors have made them ideal domestic companions.

Pure pedigree Siberian huskies are now used for producing puppies for sale across the world and for many owners, they make ideal pets.

The Mongolian Wolf

Away from domestic animals, the term ‘siberian wolf’ may well be applied by many to the Mongolian Wolf which roams wild throughout Siberia.

The beast, like many wolves is shrouded in myth and legend and despite its striking appearance, it is largely unseen in its own habitat.

So if you’re taking about a Siberian wolf, the reference can in fact refer to a whole host of different animals that originate from this land which is rich in many fascinating species of wildlife.

Siberian Wolf, Mongolian Wolf or Siberian Husky, these are all beautiful animals each with their own very different characteristics but in their individual ways, they are all part of what makes Siberia as a region so special.

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