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Siberian Tiger Facts

This article contains some interesting Siberian Tiger facts, as well as information about what you can do to support this endangered species.

How many Siberian Tigers are left in the world?

The Siberian Tiger population today is estimated to be 500 in the wild, although a recent report indicates that the effective breeding population may be as low as 14. This dramatically lower number is reported because of the lack of genetic diversity among Siberian tigers.

Siberian tigers are relatively easy to bred in captivity, however, which means that there are many more Siberian tigers in zoos around the world than there are in the wild. The number is difficult to estimate accurately, however it is likely to be over 1,000. The majority are in China, which has bred at least 500 Siberian tigers in captivity.

Why are Siberian Tigers endangered?

Picture of a Siberian TigerThe body parts of Siberian tigers – particularly their fur and bones – are highly valued. Siberian Tiger bones are especially valued in China for their supposed medicinal value. Although trade in Siberian tiger fur and bones is illegal throughout the world, their value means that they remain threatened by hunters.

Where do Siberian Tigers Live?

Most of the Siberian Tigers remaining in the wild today live in the Far East of Russia, in the region’s massive birch forests, which form the natural Siberian Tiger habitat. .

It is believed that a few Siberian Tigers also live in North Korea and China, near their borders with Russia.

How big is a Siberian Tiger?

Siberian Tigers are the largest kind of tiger left in the world today. The average Siberian Tiger is around 110-120 cm tall, and 245-330 cm long. A male Siberian Tiger’s average weight is from 180-306 kg, whereas the lighter females weigh between 160-167 kg.

What do Siberian Tigers eat?

Siberian Tigers are carnivores, and the Siberian Tiger diet today is largely made up of Wild Boar and Red Deer, which are prevalent in the Russian Far East. They are also known to eat fish, particularly salmon, and in extremes of hunger, to hunt bears.

Did Vladimir Putin shoot a Siberian Tiger?

In 2008, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took part in an exercise to monitor the Siberian Tiger population. It as reported that Putin shot a tiger to save a tv camera crew who were being attacked by the tiger. He actually shot the tiger with a tranquillizer dart, and the story about Putin saving the tv crew is probably just media spin.

Do you have any pictures of Siberian Tigers?

We will shortly be writing an article which will contain Siberian tiger pictures – check back soon for more details.

How can I help Siberian Tigers?

There are many charities that support tigers in the wild. We recommend checking out the World Wildlife Foundation’s Tigers page for more details on how you can donate and support efforts to protect Siberian Tigers.

Where can I find out more about Siberian Tigers?

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