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Siberian husky facts

The Siberian husky is one of the most celebrated breeds of dog in the world. Russian’s are truly proud of the hard working and lovable nature of these animals and here are some Siberian husky facts that you may not know.

Siberian Huskies were specifically bred as working dogs

The Siberian Husky’s durable qualities weren’t discovered by accident. Their ancestors were bred to pull heavy loads across the frozen wastes of the Siberian arctic. Among the attributes needed to survive in such harsh surroundings are the thick coats that are typical of this breed.

The oldest breeds of dog

Siberian Huskies are descended for the original sled dog and are included among the oldest breeds of dog on the planet. This fact sees them entered on a popular list known as the 14 ancient dog breeds of the world.

Siberian Huskies have a unique colouring

Siberian Huskies have a more diverse set of colours than any other breed of dog. Many who picture the animals in their mind will typically see a white and grey coat but in fact, black, piebald and a reddish brown hue can also be found on many individual dogs.

Their eyes can also be blue, amber, brown or even a mix of any of these colours.

Siberian Huskies are ‘odour free’

This may be a disputed fact in some quarters but unlike some other dogs, Huskies are very particular about their behaviour and appearance.  As such they have a neutral smell and are very easy to house train.

This is just another reason why…

Siberian Huskies make ideal pets

The loving and gentle nature of the husky makes them ideal as a family pet. Many would be owners are put off by their size but they are so affectionate that they are perfect in a home setting with children or smaller animals.


Siberian Huskies need exercise – lots of it!

That may seem like an obvious fact but it’s easy for any prospective domestic owners to underestimate just how much exercise a husky needs.

These are traditional working dogs and they remain faithful to their heritage. If they aren’t exercised regularly they will become restless in the home so walk them and give them space to run and when it snows, why not take them sledding?

The Siberian Husky has seen active service

As the animals’ reputation for hard work and loyalty grew, they were enlisted on many arctic expeditions and in 1933, US rear admiral Richard E. Byrd purchased 50 dogs in an attempt to take on a 16,000 mile journey around the Antarctic coast.

In the Second World War, they even saw active service as part of the US Army’s Arctic Search and Rescue Unit.

Further Reading

If you’ve enjoyed these Siberian husky facts then it’s worth looking for some in depth information on the subject. Amazon is always a good place to start and a brief search will reveal some excellent books that can tell you all about this incredible breed of dog.

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