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Save money – be smelly like Zhirinovsky

Russian loony Far Right leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has been setting working hard to save his roubles in the current financial crisis.

Clearly no fan of personal hygeine, he explains his money saving regime:

“I have been thrifty. I am not having my hair cut. My hair has already grown longer than ever. I only shave every other day. I eat very little. I never go out. I never invite anyone over to my place. I don’t buy presents for anyone and I am asking people not to buy anything for me. I am not travelling anywhere,” he said.

Zhirinovskiy also said there was no need to spend money on personal hygiene products because “all these are chemical and hazardous”. Fewer newspapers should be bought because the same newspaper can be shared “by all next-door neighbours” or perhaps “the entire block”, he continued.

(Via Johnson’s Russia List 2008 ~215)

If he follows this policy though, I’m not sure how well he’s going to be able to implement his Christmas policy:

“As for Christmas celebrations, there is no need to travel abroad or to go to a restaurant. Stay in Moscow, stay at home or invite yourself over to someone else’s place.”

Good old Vlad. If he wasn’t such an unpleasant (and now smelly) man I’d say something like “Gotta love him”. I wouldn’t invite him over for Christmas, though. Even if he washed specially.

PS – Vlad’s also reckons Russia should rename its President as “Supreme Ruler”


  • I think one has to appreciete his effort, anyhow. In times when ordinary Russians still go about doing their best to keep up a front of luxury, despite being broke and out of work, he’s the most “real” there is…

    Josefina´s last blog post..This One’s For Annie…

  • China
    Communism = morally right

    Proportion Principle = some do not deserve to live on the (empirically so)

    Safe living space (knock out other countries)

    bjorn´s last blog post..

  • Zhirinovsky’s not a loony, far-right or otherwise. He’s a brilliant role-player, actor, and showman. He’s Howard Stern with a political party, a master of the political performance art that characterizes part of Russian public life, So is Dugin, actually. People just don’t get this.

  • Maybe he’s not crazy, but the more I learn about him, the more I dislike him. He is anti-Semitic and and supported and supported Saddam Hussein. Need I say more?

  • Well yeah, but what I’m saying is that he doesn’t HAVE any views. He’s an actor. He plays an ultranationalist on TV.

  • Natalie, just because someone supports Saddam or has Anti-Semetic views doesn’t warrent them to be labeled as a bad person. You make it seem as though anyone with a different perspective from yours deserves a generalized label. I’m certain that you yourself have many affinities towards shady affliations in the eyes of others, case in point here is STOP being a generalizing labeler of people. It’s not classy.

    On topic, this politician has a warped view of saving rubbles. There really is no need to shave every other day or not cut your hair because inthe grand scheme of things this is trivial to the actual economic crisis.

  • Zhirinovsky is a great role player for sure. More than this I like many of his pitches despite the fact that I am not the supporter of his political views. But living here in Russia you would agree with him in many cases because what he says is a simple truth;-) He is great in his performances.

    I do not know what the person he is, but I heard that people who met him in real life describe him as a quiet and humble person…

    vic´s last blog post..Smashing Research at CERN

  • Yuriy:

    If someone has anti-Semitic views but doesn’t ever act on them (as in, they don’t actually commit violence against Jews or anything like that), I can deal with that. I’ll have a little less respect for someone like that, but that’s an ideological difference that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re a terrible person.

    But supporting Saddam Hussein? Come on! The man was a disgusting mass-murderer. Anyone who actually supports/likes Saddam really needs to step back and reassess the situation.

    Does this mean that a Saddam-supporter is a bad person? I would argue that in most cases, yes. I mean, aren’t supporters of Hitler or Stalin bad people as well? Supporters of mass-murderers tend to condone mass-murdering, so in my view, that’s quite a bad thing. Or, in some cases, they’re misinformed, and don’t realise the terribleness of the evil dictator in question.

    And I certainly wouldn’t want an anti-Semite or supporter of Saddam Hussein running my country, that’s for sure.

    Natalie´s last blog post..Breaking News: Obama Uses Bathroom

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