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Russia’s 8th richest man arrested in “Pimping case”

Mikhail ProkhorovBillionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has been arrested by French police in a sex scandal involving alleged prostitutes. Prokhorov is Russia’s tenth richest man, with a 54.8% stake in Norilsk Nickel.

None of the press agencies have quite come out and said it, but they are heavily implying that he was breaking the law by organising ‘parties’ for rich Russians where Russian ‘models’ just happened to be present.

The 30 guests, including about 12 young and leggy Russian women, mixed vodka and cripplingly expensive Chateau Petrus 1972 — sometimes in the same glass — and dined on oysters, foie gras and lobster.

Russia’s Izvestia newspaper quoted a Russian matchmaker to the wealthy who often flies young girls to Courchevel to join the tycoons’ parties. He said they were models, not prostitutes.

“These girls, you see them all the time, they never ski, they walk around Courchevel on high heels,” another frequent visitor to Courchevel told Reuters.

Or, in the words of RIA Novosti, Prokhorov is a “pimp suspect.”

Update, 13 Jan: Rather disappointingly for the scandal-mongers among us, Prokhorov has been released by French authorities without charge although they stress the investigation is still ongoing.


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