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Russian solider tried to assassinate President Bush

Remember how someone threw a hand grenade at George Bush during his recent visit to Georgia?  Well, now the Georgian authorities look to have found the culprit and, according to Mosnews, he might be Russian.  The police currently have two theories, Mosnews reports, and:

According to the second theory, the hand grenade thrown during the U.S. president’s speech in Tavisuplebis Moedani (Freedom Square) was tossed into the crowd by a Russian military serviceman. He was allegedly detained two weeks ago while trying to leave Georgia and now he is in the hands of the Americans. Witnesses of the attack, however, know nothing about the second version.

I love the caveat they’ve inserted at the end of the paragraph to cover themselves in case it turns out to be (and it probably will turn out to be) idle speculation. 

But it is amusing to think that the FSB is ambitious enough to not only still want to assassinate the US President, but to do it in such a way as to pin the blame on their even older enemies – the Georgians.


  • Nathan- I see today that the Russians are not happy about the finger pointing in their direction. Either are the Bulgarians. It would be a great story to find out who is behind the attack.

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