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Russian reaction to London blasts

Now I’m back home safely (thanks to all for your concern and kind words) lets get back to what this blog is all about – Russia or, for today at least, Russia’s reaction to today’s terrorist bombings in London.

First up is Vladimir Putin who is in the UK this today for the G8 summit:

"No matter where such inhuman crimes are perpetrated – in London, New
York or Moscow – they should be categorically condemned," Putin said.
"All civilized countries should unite in the fight against
international terrorism."

Officials at the Moscow Metro have sensibly decided to step up safety measures:

“We have a certain plan of action in these situations,” Gayev said. Right now it “is being implemented”.

Some confusion as to the reason for the attacks from within the Russian government though.  Former FSB boss  Nikolai Kovalyov thinks it is connected to the announcement that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games, while Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Duma’s International Affairs Committee thinks, along with most of us, that the G8 summit was the (indirect) target.

One slightly sour note from the Russian Finance Minister:

Alexei Kudrin said terrorists must be caught
and tried everywhere “including Great Britain where they sometimes
receive asylum, in our opinion.” London has given asylum to Akhmed
Zakayev, a spokesman for Chechen separatists who is wanted by Russia.

But finally, a quick roundup of reaction from around the Russian blogosphere from Mike Tyukanov (who will soon be joining the Siberian Light team.  More on that tomorrow, when things here have calmed down a little):

A quick glance on Russian blogosphere: so far, the prevalent reactions are
compassion, solidarity and trust in the British character: "London is among
the most beautiful cities of the world, a cosmopolitic, merry and friendly
to its guests; the English are compassionate and fortitudinous; the enemy
will be crushed — that’s their tradition, and they respect traditions." "My
heartfelt condolences to the British people", (under Union Jack picture)
"London was attacked by terrorists. I express my solidarity with the British
people and government, and I hope they will show their stoutness". Trolls
will come eventually, but right now they are silent.


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  • Statement by A. Zakayev with regard to the terrorist acts in London

    Chechenpress, Department of Official Information, 07.07.05

    On behalf of the Government of the Chechen Republic I express my sincere
    sympathy and condolences to all Londoners who suffered from the
    terrorist attacks today. We believe that any form of violence against
    the civilian population deserves contempt and decisive condemnation.

    Only infamous purposes can be pursued by terrorist acts. More than
    everyone else, the Chechens understand the Londoners, since they have
    themselves been terrorized by Russia for more than 10 years. The
    majority of our towns and villages have been eradicated from the face of
    the earth, and the number of killed citizens exceeds 200,000.

    We do not have any doubts that the terrorists who attacked London and
    the terrorist government machinery of Russia are in connection with each
    other, coordinate their actions and pursue shared objectives.

    As a man living in London with my family, I, too, express my sympathy
    and condolences to the Londoners on behalf of all Chechens who found
    refuge in the United Kingdom.

    Ahmed Zakayev, Chechen Government Minister

    Special Envoy of the President of the ChRI. London, 07.07.05.

  • Thanks David – great translation. And to think, I was just going to put up a quick and dirty babelfish translation… shame on me!

  • David, where’s your comment? You were very quick to dump on Putin for making what you deem to be a self-serving statement on the London bombings. Why not Zakayev? Is this not a self-serving statement, of the type you deplore? Putin obviously alluded to Chechen terrorism, a no-no in your books. Zakayev almost accuses Russia of having bombed London, but you keep shtum. Sad.

    Come on David, even in your apparent bias against Russians, you could at least try to display some consistency, if not fairness.

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