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Russian men find out first hand why sex with porcupines is illegal in Florida

What happens when two inquisitive Russian men find out about a Florida law banning sex with porcupines?

I keep meaning to write some serious, analytical posts here on Siberian Light. But then I get distracted by stories like this from Mosnews.

2 Russian tourists challenge Florida law prohibiting sex with porcupines

Basically, two Russian guys on holiday in Florida heard about some of the state’s rather more oddball laws. In this case, they were oddly drawn to the law that bans sex with porcupines.

Being naturally inquisitive chaps – and having incidentally consumed a not insignificant amount of whisky – the two men set out on an adventure to discover just how this law came about.

But, rather than go and find a local historian, they decided a more practical approach was needed.

Yup, you guessed it. In order to satisfy their – um – curiosity, they went out and found a porcupine and had sex with it.

Don’t believe me? Check out this snapshot of their medical records.


Once they got home to St Petersburg, their treatment for genital inflammation was – how can I put it? – lengthy.

Apparently it seems St Petersburgers have a bit of a soft spot (perhaps not quite the best term, but you know what I mean) for porcupines.

The cash strapped St Petersburg Zoo recently held a fundraising fashion parade in which models shared the catwalk with a porcupine, a python and a yak.

Quote of the day has to be this:

“It was hard,” confided one of the models, Natasha. “My fox was always trying to run away. I had trouble finishing my walk.”

OK. That’s enough double entendres for one day. I’ll leave you with a nice wholesome picture of a Russian model chasing a porcupine.


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