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Russian Man Made Diamonds

Information about Russian man made diamonds

Russian man made diamonds are recognised as some of the best diamonds available on the market today – whether ‘real’ or synthetic.

Russia has a relatively new history when it comes to diamonds – despite having many of the world’s reserves, it is only in the past fifty years that Russian diamonds have really reached the world market.

The Soviet Union really began mining diamonds in earnest in the 1950s and 1960s, when it realised that diamonds were necessary for its military, and it soon became one of the world’s largest diamond exporters. But even though it seemed to have an almost inexhaustible supply of diamonds under the Siberian permafrost, they were still expensive to extract from the ground, and the Soviet authorities sponsored a great deal of research into creating Russian lab diamonds, on the grounds that, if the process of creating them could be perfected, they would be much cheaper to produce.

Although scientists in the US began to perfect the technique in the 1960s, t only took until the 1970s for the Soviet Union to catch up and begin producing them in reasonable quantities. Initially their use was restricted to military, industrial and space technologies, but over the years the costs have come down and the quality has gone up enough that synthetic diamonds good enough to fit into a ring can now be produced much more cheaply than real diamonds.

One of the major manufacturers of Russian lab diamonds is a company called Russian brilliants. Their product is available in many stores across the world, including the US, and they make a very high quality alternative to traditional Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia diamonds.

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