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Russian Hello

Guide to the ways you can say hello in Russian

There are many ways to say hello in Russian, and many Russian greetings.

The most common way of saying hello in Russian is to say “zdravstvuite” (in Cyrillic: здравствуйте). This is a pretty daunting first word of Russian to learn – it’s pronounced zdrast vwit yeh, with the emphasis on the first syllable. This is the formal word, and the word used for saying hello to more than one person. Less formally, it can be shortened to “zdravstvui” (in Cyrillic: здравствуй).

The far less formal version of the Russian hello (probably the Russian “hi”), is “privet” (in Cyrillic: Привет). This is pronounced pri vyet with the stress on the final syllable.

Other common Russian greetings include:

Good morning – dobroye utro! – доброе утро
Good afternoon (Good day) – Dobry den! – добрый день
Good evening – dobry vecher! – добрый вечер

There are a number of other articles about Russian language on this website – once you have mastered how to say hello, you might want to learn more about how to say a Russian goodbye!

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