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Russian Crystal Eggs

Russian crystals eggs are a unique tradition that date back to the Kelch family in Moscow, during the late 1800s and early 1900s. These beautiful eggs were hand crafted from the finest crystal and inlaid with precious metals and stones to give them a unique design like nothing else in the world. Peter Carl Fabergé is the architect behind the tradition of genuine luxury crystal eggs, with his original models being very large and able to contain a surprise for the person they are given to.

Modern fabergé eggs are much smaller than the original imperial Russian fabergé eggs, and many of them do not open, as they are hand created from crystal and blown entirely from one piece of glass. Standards dictate that in order to be considered a fabergé crystal egg, it must be crafted to a certain quality and be inlaid with a specific amount of precious gems and metals.

When you buy crystal eggs from a website on the Internet, there is one important thing you must remember. The designs you see will not be the exact egg you get, because each egg is hand-crafted to certain specifications. Many of the designs that are shown for sale are examples of what the design can look like using a certain set of materials. Thus you should judge whether or not you want to purchase the egg based on the inlay, the materials used, and the color of the crystal that the egg is crafted from.

If you want to buy a russian crystal egg for a collector in your family, you do not have to worry about purchasing the same egg twice; since true fabergé eggs are handcrafted, they cannot be the same. Most eggs come with a certificate of authenticity that validates the materials the egg is created from, as well as a design number that lets you know how many eggs have been made in that design, as well as what number you have. Depending on the website, you may or may not receive a stand to display your new egg.

The more elaborate the etching and inlay of the crystal, the more you can expect to pay. If you are looking to buy fabergé crystal eggs – a genuine egg, that is, not a fake faberge egg – prices start at around $75 for the most basic models and escalate to over $5,000 for models that are inlaid heavily with gold and silver. While you likely won’t be purchasing any eggs over $1,000 unless you are a serious collector, you should take into consideration the person the egg is intended for as well as how much it will be enjoyed.

Overall, if you do have someone in your family who loves tradition and values a beautiful work of art, a crystal egg might make the perfect gift. They are beautiful and steeped in history: the tradition started with the Czar of Russia giving one to his wife on Easter each year to celebrate their anniversary. Continuing this tradition for your own anniversary or a birthday around Easter could make for a very romantic gift that your partner will truly appreciate. Because fabergé crystal eggs are so beautiful, many people the world over can appreciate their art.

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