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Russia Eurovision 2011

It’s May again, which means its time for Europe’s naff-tastic celebration of pop – Eurovision. And as usual on Siberian Light, we’ve got all the news on the Russia Eurovision 2011 entry for your delight and entertainment.

This year, Russia have chosen Alexey Vorobyov to represent them at Eurovision. Sporting a cheeky quiff, he’ll be trying to seduce the ladies with ‘Get You’, an English language song featuring the following ultra-smooth lyrics:

I choose my words like wise men do
And tonight
I’ll get you right

I rule my world , like great men do
And i fight
I fight for mine

When you consider the lyrics, and the video, it’s not really a surprise that Russia aren’t one of the favourites this year. Most people seem to be placing them around the middle of the pack, well behind former Soviet republics like Azerbaijan (the 3rd favourite, would you believe it?), Estonia and even arch-rivals Georgia. When you consider that Russia is normally able to comfortably place in the top 5 by calling in post-Soviet favours, the odds are a tribute to how dull their current entry is…

Before I go, I have to say that I’m completely gutted that Russia’s neighbours Belarus didn’t make the final. I thought their effort – I love Belarus – was 100% better than Russia’s. To prove it, I’m going to leave you with the Belarus video…

Seriously? Who couldn’t love a song like that? Even Lukashenko would’ve been bopping away.

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