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Russia Blog roundup – 21 May (the Eurovision special)

A roundup of the past week’s Russia blog posts, with a special emphasis on the week’s big event – Eurovision.

Commentary on Russia this week has been dominated by Europe’s campest, glitziest festival – yes, Moscow hosted Eurovision.  Happily for Russia’s finances, their entry didn’t win and they won’t have to host the finals again next year. 

But they could at least claim some glory in that Norway’s entry, Fairy Tale, was won by an elfin Belorussian singer called Alexander Rybak.  Belorussians, as everyone knows, are to Russians as Scots are to the English – that is to say, one of the family when they win, and outsiders when they lose.

Anyway, on with the Eurovision bloggers:


Also in Russia blogs this week:

Well, that’s it for this week.  I’ll leave you with the odd Swedish video I mentioned at the top of this post…

And this comedy Russian song that didn’t quite qualify for the finals either…!

(thanks to Edward Lucas for that last one!)


  • You have a great taste for satire, Andy.

    Though the gas song was indeed excellent, made me want to turn off the pipelines just for the sake of it. It could have been better, though, an obvious improvements would have been to add more lyrics generously offering to replace the gas with uranium “supplies”.

    The Swedish one was flawless – Russia folk songs and Soviet-patriotic music fused into popsovyi kitsch. True art; an exemplar par excellence of modern civilization pushing the very boundaries of artistic possibility.

    I also recommend the Gazprom song.

    “In Russia there’s no-one and never will be anyone more trustworthy than Gazprom!”

    Sublime Oblivion´s last blog post..Best Designed Russia Blogs

  • >>Step at a Time reports on the 200,000 rouble fine given to journalist Zoya Svetova <<

    Please read the ASAAT post more carefully. As it states:

    “In Yezhednevnyi zhurnal, Zoya Svetova writes that the Russian journalist Yelena Maglevannaya (photo) has been fined 200,000 roubles (6,238 USD)”.

    David McDuff´s last blog post..Deals and deterrents

  • Sorry David – fixed now.

    I’ll take care to read more carefully in future 🙂

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