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Russia Blog Roundup – 10 November

Before I kick off this week’s (or, rather, last week’s – sorry, running a bit behind!) roundup of the best blog posts about Russia, I just wanted to remind you that I launched a new website this week:

Russian News Online HomepageRussian News Online pulls together all of the top headlines from all of the top Russia news sources onto one simple page – from the Moscow Times to the New York Times. And, as a special bonus, page 2 of the site collates all of the headlines from all of the top Russia blogs.

I hope you find Russian News Online useful. If you do – then please tell others.  If you don’t – then please tell me, as I’d really appreciate the feedback!

Blog Roundup

Now, on with the blog posts:

Well, that’s about it for this week.  Oh, just one thing before I go – did you know there’s a Reindeer Husbandry blog?  Visit for all the lastest Russian reindeer husbandry news!

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