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Russia and the Asian Tsunami

The number of Russian nationals killed by the Asian Tsunami is relatively low, compared to that of other nations.  So far, I’ve only been able to find figures for casualties in Thailand, which stand at 10 killed, with only 16 unaccounted for.   

Russia is also providing aid to the region, although  it is hard to tell exactly what.  There are plenty of reports, like these from ITAR-TASS and Mosnews, giving details of the latest Russian aid-laden plane flying into the region but, so far, the reports I’ve read are frustratingly short on hard numbers.  All aid should be welcomed, but I imagine that the reason Russia isn’t trumpeting numbers is because, in comparison with other countries, it is providing a relatively low amount of aid. 

One group of Russians that certainly is giving generously are the people of Belsan.  The scarred community’s council has allocated 1 million roubles (about $36,000) of it’s own aid fund to help survivors of the Tsunami. 

"The whole world reacted to our tragedy, so we cannot remain indifferent either," the council said.

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