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Ramzan Kadyrov scores two goals against stupid Brazil

Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov scores twice against stupid Brazilian opponents.

What is there to say, really, about this week’s football match between an ageing team of Brazilian World Cup winners and a Chechen team featuring the Russian state’s glorious leader Ramzan Kadyrov, Terek Grozny’s new coach Ruud Gullit, and a cohort of grey haired Chechen bureaucrats?

As expected, it provided ample opportunity for Kadyrov to cover himself in glory – playing the whole match up front, he scored two goals against the mighty Brazil. His performance would have been slightly more impressive if he hadn’t made a bit of a tit of himself missing two penalties – one saved and the other ballooning past the right hand post.

As the Guardian tactfully says: “At the final whistle, though, it was 6-4 to the Brazilians who, despite valiant efforts, could not hide their superiority.” Watch the video highlights – they’re a hoot.

Although the highlights may be fun, and Kadyrov certainly got to have his fun, the fact that the match took place at all is profoundly depressing.

The money to pay all these Brazilian superstars came from somewhere – and I’ll bet most of it was illegally obtained. Brazil’s players, along with Ruud Gullit, should be ashamed for taking part in this charade of a match, for taking stolen money, and allowing a bloody dictator the opportunity to use football to bolster not only his monstrous ego, but the popularity of his evil regime. They have done the Chechen people a disservice.


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