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Putin wants permanent Security Council seat for India

And not only that – he wants India to have a veto vote, too.

"I am convinced that permanent seats on the Security Council should have veto power, otherwise it would be a one-sided reform of the U.N.," Putin told reporters on a visit to India.

These are pretty strong words from Putin.  He has effectively committed Russia to publicly promoting the introduction of more veto-holding powers into the Security Council.  Why on earth would he do that, and risk diluting Russia’s influence on the Council?

Because he has (correctly) judged that there is no way India, or any other country, will get a veto on the Security Council.  There is no way that all five permanent members will, at the same time, willingly agree to dilute their power by giving the veto to even more countries.  It simply isn’t in their interests.  Ever.

Primarily though, Putin has judged that the US is, at the moment, strongly opposed an increase in the number of countries holding a veto vote.  This means that Putin can stand in opposition to the US without any risk of such a major Security Council reform ever coming to pass.  If it ever did come to a vote, the US would simply use its veto, and Putin would be able to come up smelling of roses as the guy who promoted the interests of the little guy. 

For once, Putin is in a win-win situation.

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  • I would tend to be more charitable to Putin. He is rediscovering the benefits of having a strong friendship with an emerging country like India, as Soviet had before. It will not really dilute Russia’s grip on UNSC, but rather enhance it if India is present. India has a consistent history of independent thinking and never toes the US line. The same reason USA is the only veto country to oppose India’s candidature, and support Japans’.

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