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Natalya Demkina update

A couple of days ago I linked to the report detailing Natalya’s ability to ‘see’ the organs inside a persons body and make medical diagnoses that would otherwise require an ultrasound.

Well, it seems that her fame has spread beyond Russia.  She recently appeared on British daytime tv show ‘This Morning’ where she examined resident medic, Doctor Chris.  She started off by correctly identifying previous surgical procedures that he had undergone, and went on to diagnose that the good Doctor was suffering from "gall stones, kidney stones, and enlarged liver and an enlarger (sic) pancreas". 

In an attempt to confirm her diagnosis Dr Chris, who was "visibly shaken" by the diagnosis, underwent a high tech scan at a nearby hospital.  Although ruling out any major problems, the medical scan did show a potential tumour in his intestines.  But Dr Chris isn’t prepared to accept that Natalya is a fraud just yet..

we have to allow for the fact that Natalia is a teenager from Russia and not a qualified medical professional. She may not be able to explain what she sees in the correct terminology…. she didn’t say that she saw "gall stones" she said that she saw some kind of undulation, or irregularity around the gall bladder – this may well be the enlarged lymphnodes that were diagnosed in the scan. In other words, she might have been right, but just couldn’t explain precisely what she was seeing.

Hmmm.  Not sure I’d be all that charitable.  With all due respect to Dr Chris, who seems like a jolly nice chap, he is getting on a bit, and I doubt his health is what it was 30 years ago.  Pick any four generic conditions, and add in the vagueness of the translation, and there is a pretty fair chance that you’ll strike lucky.  But I don’t believe in Santa Cluas either, so what do I know?

Hat tips: Insinuendo, who isn’t quite as skeptical as me, and the massive increase in SiberianLight’s traffic from people googling for Miss Demkina.


  • I gather from reports that this girls’ special gift works only in daylight hours,maybe she needs the energy of solar radiation to power the process.
    With an unknown mechanism- who knows what particle stream(s) may be helping here..
    I hope she goes on using and developing her skills..we can only benefit if they are genuine..and if not-
    well it makes people think !!

  • Mostly I just get gratuitous google hits about butterflies in China, thanks to a zen-like story someone put in the comments to my very first post. People must get a bit of a shock when they find out they are on a weblog about Russia and international politics.

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