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Moscow sightseeing

If you’re keen on seeing wonderful architecture and fascinating landmarks, Moscow has to be one of the best cities in the world. With so many sights spanning so many centuries, this is an ideal location for sightseers of all ages.

Starting in Red Square

Red Square is the perfect destination to begin your tour of Moscow as it contains all the ‘must see’ sights from this fine city. While it’s hard for anyone to decide which is the most famous building here, it’s hard to argue that St Basils Cathedral isn’t the most beautiful.

With its iconic onion shaped domes, St Basils dominates the square’s skyline and is a symbol of everything that is good about the city. Shrouded in legend, it is said that Ivan the Terrible, who commissioned the building, had the architect blinded so that he couldn’t produce anything quite so beautiful again. It has therefore stood for centuries and it survived plans by Stalin to have it demolished as it stood in the way of his rallies.

Elsewhere in Red Square, tourists will always flock to see Lenin’s Tomb and file past the embalmed body of the former Soviet Leader. Before Lenin died, he ordered that no monuments to him should be built so it is fortunate that this fascinating and rather eerie shrine to the Soviet Era exists at all.

The best times to visit

Most of the attractions in Red Square are only open during the day but an increasing number of tourists prefer to come here in the evening when the crowds have gone. At this time of the day you can enjoy the peaceful solitude while still enjoying the many sights around the square itself.

As an added bonus, St Basils Cathedral when it is lit up at night is truly magical.

The Kremlin

Outside of Red Square, the Kremlin is extremely popular with tourists and locals alike. The Kremlin is a vast area with a collection of fascinating buildings including several churches which are all worth a visit in their own right.

There is an incredible diamond collection within the Kremlin’s armoury which is not to be missed and the Conference centre is home to many events including some truly breath taking ballet performances.

Home of the Arts

Russia has produced some incredible painters, authors and composers over the centuries and you can find museums dedicated to their work right across the city.

If museums and art galleries are your thing then you must visit the Tretyakov Gallery during your stay in Moscow. Unlike many of the other venues in the City, the Tretyakov Gallery is home to exclusively Russian works and exhibits and this is perfect if you want to get an overall view of some of the great pieces of art that the country has produced.

There are some fascinating modern buildings in Russia and the business centre known as Moscow City is an impressive collection of amazing sky scrapers.

However, the majority of tourists come here for the historical sights and in that sense, the visitor will never be sent home disappointed.


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