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More Deeper Than Oil: One Nation’s Lost Opportunity to Become Invincible

A guest post, submitted to me yesterday, by Dr David Leffler, Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science. It suggests that Russia should take a radical new approach to its national security and adopt Invincible Defense Technology.

Editors Note: The following is a guest post, submitted to me yesterday, by Dr David Leffler, Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science. It suggests that Russia should take a radical new approach to its national security and adopt Invincible Defense Technology. For context, I’d thoroughly recommend reading the RIA Novosti article linked to in the first paragraph.

More Deeper Than Oil: One Nation’s Lost Opportunity to Become Invincible

by Dr. David Leffler

In his RIA Novosti article “Deeper Than Oil: One nation under a spell” journalist Marc Bennetts chides Russian officials of the “immediate post-Soviet era” for not being more “choosy about what ideas they were seen to be giving their backing to” regarding the first international conference on Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) held in Amsterdam, Holland in 1994. While skepticism is understandable, and rigorous scrutiny is healthy and welcome, it is inappropriate for Bennetts to characterize the research on this phenomenon as “pseudo-science.” These findings have been documented in multiple studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals; peer-reviewed data are the coin of the realm of 20th and 21st century rational science. If Bennetts had probed more deeply into IDT, he would have discovered that the scientifically-validated IDT approach showed great promise. Apparently, this is why Russian generals and other leaders as well as many other military and government-related officials from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, China, Georgia, Honduras, Kazakhstan, Mali, Mozambique, and Tajikistan attended later conferences. (Proceedings of the First, Second, Third conferences including pictures of the participants are available online.)

Rather than faulting these forward-looking Russian officials for investigating IDT, Bennetts should consider lauding them for being open to new ideas for gaining strategic advantage over any potential adversary. In our rapidly evolving technological world, military-related officials cannot afford to be “too choosy” concerning any potential new technology. History shows that yesterday’s pipe-dreams can rapidly become reality. For example, Marconi the pioneering advocate of wireless communication, gave demonstrations to military officials of the then revolutionary technology for transmitting messages practically instantaneously through the air. At first, the military-related decision makers believed that such an idea was was absurd and obviously not possible. Soon, however, they adopted the new technology. Despite the obvious strategic advantage of immediately contacting their military forces from great distances, to its detriment one country continued to communicate using carrier pigeons.

If Bennetts still wants to chide Russian military officials regarding IDT, he should take them to task for making a similar historical mistake by not immediately implementing it. IDT showed such great promise, and with tensions rising in Chechnya such a novel approach to creating peace was badly needed. Hardly anyone in Russia needs to be convinced of the value of preventing war and terrorism. Such conflict gives rise to continuing unrest and instability, with negative consequences for everyone. This is why today Russia could still learn something from recent developments regarding the implementation of IDT in Latin America.

IDT is a field-tested, practical approach to national defense and world peace. This approach is validated by 23 studies published in reputable peer-reviewed journals. It is a direct technological application of the most advanced discoveries in the fields of neuroscience, human consciousness and quantum mechanics. The approach calls for the immediate establishment of large national groups of peace-creating experts practicing specific “technologies of consciousness” called the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program that have been scientifically verified to neutralize acute political, ethnic and religious tensions that fuel violence, social conflict and terrorism.

Now, four countries in Latin America are quietly deploying IDT. They are establishing “Prevention Wings of the Military” – large groups of military personnel who are trained in these technologies of consciousness. At least one of these Prevention Wings will consist of 3,000 military personnel. Currently the Prevention Wing in Ecuador is being reorganized. The leader of the Latin American TM organization has provided the accompanying photograph of the previous wing below. (For more information and pictures see: “Ecuador’s Invincible Military: Photo Gallery” and “Latin American Country of Ecuador Has an Invincible Military“)

Picture of Ecuador's Prevention Wing of the Military

In addition, another Latin American country has decided to implement Consciousness-Based Education, utilizing the same technologies of consciousness applied in IDT, throughout its national school system. Furthermore, the Brazilian government is training 1.5 million of its citizens in these technologies. And civilian groups in Bolivia, Colombia, Holland (The Netherlands), Peru, Trinidad and Tobago, have staffed fully operational IDT systems.

Scientific studies confirm that large groups of peace-creating experts practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi program together create measurable positive change in the surrounding population. These include reductions in violence, crime, terrorism and war. The underlying mechanism appears to be a field effect of consciousness. Apparently, the collective coherence within the group spills over into the surrounding population. This dissolves the buildup of political, religious, and racial tensions in society that fuel outbreaks of violence. To create this calming effect nationally, research shows that a TM-Sidhi group of at least the square root of one percent of a country’s population must meditate together twice every day. The powerful coherence generated by such groups defuses enmity. This leads to an invincible nation because enemies are prevented from arising.

Here is how to calculate the approximate size of the group necessary to defend Russia. In The World Factbook, the CIA gives Russia’s population as 139,390,205, which when multiplied by 1% equals 1,393,902. The square root of 1,393,902 is 1,181. Therefore, if the Russian military wants to become invincible, it would need to maintain a minimum of 1,181 IDT experts.

Countries that have implemented IDT have based their defense on the unified field of all the laws of nature. According to the Harvard-trained physicist Dr. John Hagelin, the unified field technology is a thousand million million times more powerful than the nuclear force. Yet despite its power, it is inherently safe, because IDT is based on the application of a completely holistic level of natural law. Years from now, in retrospect, it is likely that this IDT development may have far more historical significance than development of nuclear weapons and the Soviet Union’s launch of the race for outer space with Sputnik.

Dr. John Hagelin
Intensity of the Lebanon conflict decreased and Israel’s quality of life improved in direct proportion to the number of Invincible Defense Technology experts in the coherence-creating group Journal of Conflict Resolution, 1988, 32, (4), 776-812. An online video (5:38) featuring Dr. John Hagelin explains this peer-reviewed research.

Dr. John Hagelin

Russia should be complimented for taking the historical lead by showing initial interest in IDT (readers may refer to my 1992 IDT article titled: “A new military science in Moscow“). However, despite extensive scientific research validating the efficacy of IDT, as well as the results of field tests by the militaries of Mozambique, Ecuador and Latin America, Russia still has not tried IDT. The Soviet Union was the first player in The Race for “Outer Space” but it did not win the race to the moon. It could be argued that Russia was the first player in The Race for “Inner Space.” However, how Russia fares in this race remains to be seen. Perhaps in the future, the predicted successes of the various Military Prevention Wings in Latin America will inspire Russian officials to deploy IDT after they endure some future crisis. But it makes more sense to prevent such dangers before they arise. In this way future terrorist attacks that could escalate into a potentially worse conflict can be averted.

About the author:

David Leffler, Ph.D. a United States Air Force veteran, is the Executive Director of the Center for Advanced Military Science (CAMS) Dr. Leffler served as an Associate of the Proteus Management Group at the Center for Strategic Leadership, US Army War College. The Journal of Management & Social Science recently published a paper that he presented at an international military conference titled “A New Role for the Military: Preventing Enemies from Arising – Reviving an Ancient Approach to Peace,” indicating that the military application of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program is merited. Dr. Leffler is a certified teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique.


  • (1) How does IDT work? There are multiple references, but no attempt to explain or summarize what the hell it is.
    (2) Because the Mozambique military is all-powerful and Brazil is a low-crime society! Maybe not…
    (3) The distinct impression I get is that this is pseudo-science. It reminds me of the numerous articles on “psychotronic warfare” that never get round to explaining the details of how it’s actually supposed to work.

  • @Tim – no, it’s a genuine article, based on a genuine conference (reported in RIA Novosti, no less).

    The big question that occurs to me (aside from the actual effectiveness of the technique) is whether it’s sensible to decide how many meditators will be needed based on the population of the country that is to be defended. Surely a calculation based on the number of people who might want to attack you would be more helpful? Or a calculation based on the geographical size of the country being defended?

    More importantly, with militaries around the world being as devious and inventive as they are, I wonder what the offensive counter technology would be. Can an opposing military recruit offensive meditators, to counter the defensive meditators?

    Also, what’s to stop a group of independent meditators forming to defend a country? Why does this need to be state sponsored?

    So many questions…

  • As the author of the original RIA piece, I can only say that I am suitably chastened. I shall now devote my life to becoming a Yogic Flyer. Even if this does mean growing a moustache.

  • “This approach is validated by 23 studies published in reputable peer-reviewed journals.” And there are over 600 published studies (many in top peer-review journals) on the personal effects of the Transcendental Meditation program). How many of these studies have you, who are making the above comments, read? It appears not a single one.
    Andy: you say: “Surely a calculation based on the number of people who might want to attack you would be more helpful?” The Meissner Effect (an example of invinciblity in the quantum physics of superconductivity) shows that the internal coherence of a material is the primary determining factor in its ability to repel an invading force (a magnetic field, which can easily pass through an ordinary electrical conductor containing incoherent, disordered, electrons, cannot penetrate a similar conductor which has been made into a highly orderly superconductor. This superconductor maintains its impenetrable status) There are many other examples from the physical and biological sciences which demonstrate the power of coherent collective funtioning to repel invading influences.

    Read at least one of the studies, please!

  • Thanks Craig – we’re mere mortals, though, and if there is no hint of what the 23 studies are, how are we to find them, and sift through them to find the relevant information. Even you take the time to criticise, yet offer no help in finding the relevant studies.

    Let’s face it, this is a pretty new theory to most of us, and we’re sceptical of it. If you’re promoting a theory, you need to help people understand it, not just tell them it’s wonderful, and then criticize people for not going off and doing speculative research on their own.

    Back to the question – how does geography affect internal coherence? Japan and Russia have (roughly) the same population, yet Japan is geographically fairly compact and Russia is geographically sprawling. Will they both take roughly the same effort / number of people to defend?

  • Question: "How does IDT work? There are multiple references, but no attempt to explain or summarize what the hell it is."
    Answer: My article is 1,116 words. It is already too long for many people’s attention span these days.
    If you are interested in reading a more thorough answer, please read my peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Management and Social Science, available online at: . In particular, see the section titled: A proposed Causal Mechanism for Invincible Defense Technology."
    If you prefer a short answer, read these two paragraphs below taken from the 23 Mar 2010 issue of Medical News Today, available online at: .

    IDT’s causal mechanism is not completely understood. An explanation of the causality of IDT in biological terms was proposed in a study in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality (Walton et al 2005, 17: 339-373). Serotonin, a powerful neurotransmitter, has been shown to produce feelings of happiness, contentment, and even euphoria. Research indicates that low levels of serotonin correlate with aggression, poor emotional moods and violence. The study indicated that when the size of a group of IDT experts changed, serotonin production of people in the nearby community changed correspondingly. Since results were statistically significant, this study offers a plausible neurophysiologic mechanism that may explain reduced aggression and hostility in a whole society.
    An increase in serotonin activity and a decrease in cortisol appear to be associated with the experience of transcendental consciousness in the advanced individual TM practitioner. During the practice of TM, practitioners experience transcendental consciousness, a proposed fourth state of consciousness with brain activity distinctly different from waking, sleeping and dreaming. The state of transcendental consciousness produces coherence in the brain, and scientists speculate that this enlivens coherence within the unified field. Apparently, the effect is amplified through group practice. Theoretical physicists allude to the unified field as the basis of all laws of nature. IDT appears to work from this fundamental level. Therefore, through the unified field, there is increased coherence in the non-TM practitioner’s brain as well. This increased coherence materially involved serotonin.

    That said, it is important to realize that we are now only beginning to really understand electromagnetism. Suppose the military leaders during Marconi’s time said that we are not going to deploy wireless technology to gain strategic advantage over our potential adversaries until we get "around to explaining the details of how it’s actually supposed to work." If this would have happened, then it is likely that you would not be reading these words on the Internet now.

  • Attn: Andy, regarding the peer-reviewed studies conducted on Invincible Defense Technology. Many of these studies were discussed and referenced in my peer-reviewed paper published in the Journal of Management and Social Science, available online at: .

    Here is a relevant paragraph from my paper:


    More than 50 scientific studies validate the social stress-reducing benefits of IDT. Studies on the Maharishi Effect have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, such as The Journal of Conflict Resolution, Social Indicators Research, Journal of Crime and Justice, Journal of Mind and Behavior and International Journal of Neuroscience. Most of this research is reviewed in a paper co-written by the author, published by the Security and Political Risk Analysis (SAPRA) think tank, called "An Alternative to Military Violence and Fear-Based Deterrence: Twenty Years of Research on the Maharishi Effect (Leffler and Walton, 1999).

    If you would like to read summaries of the studies from the SAPRA paper, they are included in a chart that was referenced and integrated into this paper. The chart URL is: . Since many of these studies appear in copyrighted journals, they may not be freely available on the Internet, except through subscription services. If you want to read any of the actual studies, most are probably available at a large college library. Another option is to go to your local library and ask the reference desk to help you obtain copies of them through a subscription service.

    This post is already too long, so I am not including all of the following information here.

    Regarding, your questions about "how does geography affect internal coherence?" and also "Why does this need to be state sponsored? See the section titled "6. PORTABILITY AND PROXIMITY" in the paper published in the Journal of Management and Social Science. Ideally, for best results the coherence-creating groups should have an engineering safety factor well over the square root of one percent figure. For instance, also see this section (Page 10) below taken from the RESOLUTION of the Second International Conference on Invincible Defense:

    Whereas, a wise engineer builds a safety factor into a structure, so that even under extremely challenging situations and circumstances, the structure remains completely safe; and

    Whereas, this safety factor for the nation will be provided through the addition of groups of Yogic Flyers in agriculture, education, health, prisons and industry; and

    Whereas, these auxiliary Yogic Flying groups will further intensify the influence of coherence in collective consciousness created by the PREVENTION WING in the military, and will ensure that even in the most extreme circumstances the nation will remain completely integrated, and impenetrable to negative and damaging influences from abroad;

    It should be mentioned here that a square root of one percent calculator has been developed, to determine the bare minimum size of the Invincible Defense Technology groups needed to protect nations. See:

    This in-depth article titled "Peace in the Middle East: Scientific solution to a political problem?" published in Beirut-Online News may be of interest. It discusses a scientific paper recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Scientific Exploration. The article focuses on the topic of Invincible Defense Technology and it features quotes and Internet links to publications by the military-related leaders worldwide who support the implementation of IDT.

    Lastly, The Day, published an IDT editorial by Captain Raymond E. Seebald, US Coast Guard (Ret.) and I. Our editorial starts as follows:

    "Wars start in the minds of men, and cycles of conflict ensue. So, too, can wars be prevented in the minds of men, but not always in the conventional way one might think. A new technology of defense has now emerged from a most unexpected quarter…" See:  Please be sure to look over all the included images such as the diagram "Typical Military Model" vs. "The Invincible Military Model."

    The Day is published in New London, Connecticut USA, which is the home to the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA). CAPT Ray Seebald, (Ret.) graduated from USCGA in 1977 and later served as a military aide to presidents Ronald W. Reagan and George H.W. Bush from 1986-1990.

  • The quote below is taken from my article titled "An Overlooked, Proven Solution to Terrorism" that was published in The Seoul Times:

    A Paradigm Shift, In Progress

    Dr. Carla Brown examined bias against IDT [Invincible Defense Technology] in her Harvard doctoral dissertation, which explored whether and how members of the Middle East policy community applied truth and utility tests to research findings.

    The study she used had been published in the Journal of Conflict Resolution showing a dramatic 45% reduction in war intensity and 75% reduction in war deaths during the war in Lebanon in 1983 when a critical mass of experts practiced IDT in large groups.

    Dr. Brown found that several respondents in each elite group that she interviewed were likely to examine a similar paper in the future, motivated in part by their examination of the quality of science involved. She also explored how some of her interviewees did not take the effort to examine the research, including some social scientists who were critical of the research. Dr. Brown explored means for overcoming barriers to use of this research, including prejudice. At a time when the research outcomes described are greatly needed, this dissertation may provide context for those who want to understand their own prejudice or built in reservations.

    Her dissertation helps defense experts better understand why Invincible Defense Technology is difficult for people to accept, and how these barriers can be addressed. Dr. Brown’s doctoral research has been published in the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality.

    For journalists and other interested scholars who might be interested in a more detailed explanation, a peer-reviewed paper that is based on her Harvard University doctoral dissertation is referenced below:

    Brown, C. L., (2005) "Overcoming Barriers to Use of Promising Research Among Elite Middle East Policy Groups." Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 17(1), 489-543.

    Hopefully when RIA Novosti journalist Marc Bennetts conducts research for his new book, he will carefully study Invincible Defense Technology by reading a very detailed explanation of why people like him have missed this paradigm shift. The entire 341 page Harvard University doctoral dissertation by Dr. Carla Linton Brown’s is available online at: .

  • Andy,
    You asked: “what’s to stop a group of independent meditators forming to defend a country? Why does this need to be state sponsored?”

    Answer: Nothing, except money, really. And I have for several years been a part of a group of about 2,000 peace generators who twice daily meet in large groups in Fairfield, Iowa and nearby communities to practice these technologies of peace. It is a profoundly blissful experience for us and we love doing it. This is our profession. We are part of the Invincible America Assembly.( But we are able to do this because either we have our own personal monay to support ourselves, or else we have wise and generous sponsors who pay our way. We receive very modest financial compensation, but great personal satisfaction. The Howard and Alice Settle Foundation is the main provider of funding. When I think of great human beings—and truly great American heroes—I think of Howard and Alice Settle. Longtime practitioners of the basic IDT modalities — Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis Program — Howard and Alice have, through their extraordinary intelligence and organizing power, been blessed with great material abundance. Fortunately for America and the world, Howard and Alice have chosen to share a very large portion of their wealth to support the IDT programs to create invincibility in America.. Howard and Alice have donated an astonishing $1 million each month for the past few years to support us on our Invincible America Assembly. It is their ongoing generosity that is allowing America to rise to invincibility and remain steadfast amidst the many economic, social, and even meteorological storms that have blown our way.

    Every country should provide for their own invincibility with such a group of peace creators, and others besides the USA have, as previously mentioned by Dr. Leffler. However, it is much, much easier for a government to provide for a group of IDT experts. The situation in the US is that, even with the largess of the Settle Foundation, we are barely meeting the required number of experts needed to create a measurable effect for the nation. (It feels like we are the little Dutch boy who is holding his finger in the dike until he can get reinforcements to help him save the nation!). But, come on! The amount of funds needed to support a group, especially within the military, is PEANUTS compared to the cost of operating a military.

  • Every country should provide for their own invincibility with such a group of peace creators, and others besides the USA have, as previously mentioned by Dr. Leffler. However, it is much, much easier for a government to provide for a group of IDT experts.

    Of which you happen to be one. This looks like rent-seeking to me.

  • Rather than reading the large amount of information available about Invincible Defense Technology, consider viewing a comprehensive video (1:13:00) available online by John Hagelin, Ph.D. It explains in detail the concept and scientific research on Invincible Defense Technology. An edited transcription with full-sized images taken from his presentation is also available online.
    Dr. John Hagelin is the Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy (ISTPP), an organization in the United States that advocates scientifically proven, prevention-oriented solutions to critical global problems. He is a Harvard-trained quantum physicist who won the prestigious Kilby Award, which recognizes scientists who have made "major contributions to society through their applied research in the fields of science and technology." Dr. Hagelin also serves as the Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defense and as International Director of the Global Union of Scientists for Peace. He appeared in the movies What the Bleep Do We Know and The Secret.

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