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More bombs in London

Two weeks after the first bombing, four more terrorist bombs have exploded in London, three on the tube, one on a bus.  Only, this time, the explosions seem to have been only detonators, with no actual explosive attached.  One person is reported injured, several tube lines have been closed, and that’s about it so far. 

The general atmosphere in London (in my office at least) is simply one of general frustration that we’ll probably be delayed slightly in getting home from work, but certainly no real fear or panic.  Not exactly the result the bombers were hoping for, I’d imagine. 

Again, Nosemonkey from Europhobia nails the general feeling around London with what is sure to be the quote of the day:

[…] two weeks ago we were asking "is this the best they can do?" Well, no answer to that one yet – but it appears it certainly wasn’t their worst. This is – from currently available information – likely to go down in history as the most half-arsed terrorist attack ever.

And if you are looking for a measure of how pitiful these bombings were, in the ultimate insult, some bloggers have even been speculating as to whether they are the work of the British far-right

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