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Miss Yakutia finalist was a man

Miss Yakutia Anzhela Adamova is a man - 2Scandal hit the Miss Virtual Yakutia contest this year, when it was revealed that one of the finalists… was a man. reports:

Anzhela Adamova was a young man called Oleg Goncharov, who decided to take part in the beauty contest by joke. He went to a stylist and after that made a portfolio at a professional photographer.

Apparently, Adamova received more than 360 votes before (s)he was outed and disqualified.

Take a look at the photo – can you tell that Anzhela is really Oleg? I tell you what – that’s one hell of a stylist!

Anyway, the results of Miss Virtual Yakutia are available on the official site. Unsurprisingly, Miss Adamova doesn’t seem to be mentioned.


  • To quote the great Eazy-E: “Damn! Dropped the gat from my hand. What I thought was a bitch was nothin’ but a man!” Awesome. I love these stories.

  • Reminds me of that film, ‘The Crying Game’, when Stephen Rea has discovered ‘she’ is actually ‘he’. She prostrates herself, saying ‘she’ loves him and he loves ‘her’, so whats the problem?
    He replies, ”yes, but you’re not a woman. You’re a man”.
    ‘She’ retorts casually ”Details, Baby, Details.”))

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