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Mirny Diamond Mine Serbia

Information about the Mirny Diamond Mine

This is an article about the Mirny Diamond mine. The diamond mine is located in Mirny Siberia and not, as is sometimes reported in Mirny Serbia.

The Mirny Mine is the world’s largest open cast diamond mine, and the second largest man made mine in the world (the largest is in the USA).

Basically a big round hole in the ground, the mine is 1.2 kilometers deep, and a half a kilometer wide. It is so large that its presence causes turbulence, and the airspace immediately above it was closed to helicopters.

The mine was founded in 1955, and since then has produced many of the Russian diamonds that have been exported around the world. At its peak forty years ago, it was producing more than two tonnes of diamonds every year. Today, the open cast mine is closed, but an underground diamond mine near Mirna Russia continues to produce many diamonds and employ more than three thousand locals.

Despite the closure of the Mirny open cast mine, Russia is still one of the world’s largest diamond producers – in 2009 it became the world’s largest seller of diamonds. Russia is known for its preference to hold back diamonds from sale at times, so that it can make sure that world diamond prices remain high, so its sales figures can be a little erratic.

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