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Maria Sharapova’s top 10 partners

Maria Sharapova’s top ten mixed doubles partners, that is:

10. Orlando Bloom
Maria Sharapova Top Ten Tennis 9. Bono
8. Yao Ming
7. Lebron James
6. Adam Scott
5. Christiano Ronaldo
4. Prince William
3. President Putin
2. James Bond
1. John McEnroe

Alarming choices, aren’t they?

Anyway, it’s not often I get to scoop La Russophobe when it comes to an oddball Sharapova story, so I’m going to sit back and enjoy the glory for a moment… 🙂


  • Andy, the link to the original article goes to a 404 Not Found page, for some reason, although it looks like a good link. Maybe Sharapova complained about the article and they took it down! Anyway, that is hilarious. And we are left to speculate – does Maria prefer the Sean Connery-era Bond, Roger Moore, Pierce (“Remington Steele) Brosnan, or the new guy or one of the more obscure ones? And how does Putin feel about being ranked below 007? Fascinating stuff…

  • The EU has not turned a blind eye to alleged “discrimination” against ethnic Russians (Russophones, actually… and/or homines sovietici) in Estonia — Estonia and Latvia met all of the EU’s requirements before accession.

    See, for instance, Edward Lucas’ “Estonia is right and Amnesty is wrong”. As Vladimir Socor pointed out yesterday,, “99% of local Russians stayed away from these protests despite instigation by Moscow’s television coverage and politicians.”

  • I am seeing lots of links (but not all) at Pravda broken so I think that it is something wrong with their site and not your link. I’ll have to try to check it out later…

  • I’m chuffed to bits as there are potentially two Irish on the list!

    Though Bono is a bit a of a knob, really. In fairness, she’s beautiful – I wonder is half the poisonous, unfair critique of her by LR just female jealousy. Its great that you got hold of this before the Wicked Witch Andy.

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