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Iran training Chechens to fight in Russia

Oh, this is going to just thrill the boys at the Kremlin – Iran is training Chechens in terror techniques:

Iran is secretly training Chechen rebels in sophisticated terror techniques to enable them to carry out more effective attacks against Russian forces, the Sunday Telegraph can reveal.

Teams of Chechen fighters are being trained at the Revolutionary Guards’ Imam Ali training camp, located close to Tajrish Square in Teheran, according to Western intelligence reports.

In addition to receiving training in the latest terror techniques, the Chechen volunteers undergo ideological and political instruction by hardline Iranian mullahs at Qom.

If it’s true, of course. Iran does some pretty stupid things from time to time, but is it really going to get caught offering terrorist training to the enemies of its only real superpower?

Well, actually, I wouldn’t put it past them.


  • Hmmm. Not much in the story, is there? I can think of better places to hold a terrorist training camp than slap bang in the middle of Tehran. There hasn’t been much follow-up either. Still, it’s probably a story in the vein of “Saddam Funds 9/11, Eats Freddie Starr’s Hamster, Keeps Elvis In Gainful Employment Feeding Oats And Shoos Lord Lucan Away From The Nanny”

  • And, tellingly, none of the major Russian news agencies are covering the story.

    Having said that, I wouldn’t discout the story entirely. Iran is a country where the brain doesn’t always control the left and right hands, and there is sympathy among some of the clerics for Basayev and his cause.

  • Unfortunately, this story looks like disinformation supplied by British intelligence. As Alexei Bausin pointed out recently:

    “It is impossible to imagine Wahhabi Chechen fighters listening to Shiite preachers. Besides, since the beginning of the conflict Iran has been on Moscow’s side in the conflict with Wahhabi terrorists.

    “The publication in the British newspaper is just another salvo fired in the western information war against Iran. But this salvo also includes Russia, who is nearly the only true ally of Tehran in its nuclear problem. Iran would not endanger its relations with Russia now because it needs reliable defenses against the mounting diplomatic pressure from the U.S. and the EU. A quarrel between Tehran and Moscow would have simplified the work of western diplomats.”

  • Good point David, but it’s worth noting also that Russian security forces have, from time to time, pointed the finger at Iran for providing support to Chechnya.

  • Indeed, and Coughlin’s article is approximately on the same level as those “finger-pointing” accusations.

  • As Russian intelligence has already indicated the same thing, the Russian government must have decided either (a) the intelligence isn’t any good and shouldn’t therefore inhibit relations with Iran or (b) that the intelligence is actually correct, but that good relations with Iran are more important.

    Given this decision, why would British intelligence feel it necessary to re-release the same old information? With either of the decisions above already made, the Russian government isn’t going to change its mind.

  • The Sunday Telegraph has a track record of being used as a conduit for “disinformation/propaganda” by British intelligence. Indeed, former editor Dominic Lawson (whilst editor of the Spectator) was fingered for publishing articles supplied by MI6.

    Gosh, and whaddya know, here’s a story from the British Journalism Review a few years back, identifying Con Coughlin a regular funnel for material from the intelligence community.

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