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There are rumors saying that the iPad is going to be expensive in Russia. Whether this turns out to be the case or not remains to be seen, however if we take cost out of the equation and look at the device itself, it looks like the iPad will be just as popular as the iPhone all over the world.

Regardless of culture, the iPad is set to carve out a new niche for touch screen computers. Although tablet PCs have existed for a while, they have never really been well designed to work with touch screen software until the innovative iPhone came along. Now the software and hardware work hand in hand, and the touch-screen is part of the user experience rather than just another way to move the mouse pointer about the screen.

Russian iPad Apps

We saw how useful the iPhone can be with all of the software that was released though the App store. For those who are out and about they can access the Moscow subway map on their iPhone, visitors to the capital can also download guidebooks and walking tours. But the Russian iPhone apps don’t stop there, with banking, literature, maps, games, Russian language iPhone apps and more all tailored to the Russian market. Apple believes that most of the iPhone apps will work on the iPad pretty much straight away, so there will be no shortage of Russian software available for iPad owners who want it – in particular I’m really waiting for a learn Russian language iPad app, so that I can brush up on my skills.

Along with the international and Russian applications available, there are a large number of great iPad peripherals that will make the iPad even more useful. For example there is the keyboard dock for when you want to hook up a keyboard to your device for writing longer emails and documents. There are sure to be third-party keyboard accessories released that will be tailored to Russian keyboard layouts. Then of course there are a multitude of iPad cases available. As the iPad is designed to be handheld, it is inevitable that it will be bashed about a bit or even dropped. By housing it in a protective case, you can sure that it will be well protected and that you won’t need to be replacing your device if you drop it.

With the ever-increasing availability of WiFi, not only in Moscow but also around the country, the iPad will be increasingly useful for those traveling around. For those times when you arenÕt in a WiFi area you can always use your iPad to watch a movie or read one of the thousands of books that you may have downloaded to the eBook reading application from the iBook store.

The iPad is a truly innovative device, which is set to change the portable gadget market once again.

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