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Famous Russian Buildings

All across Russia there are some historic landmarks and any one of them could make the list of famous Russian buildings. Some are known for their beauty, some their history and others are iconic images that make them known right across the globe. The first building in this list however, fits all three of those criteria.

St Basils

St Basil’s cathedral in Moscow is arguably the most recognisable building in the whole of the country. With its unmistakable onion shaped domes, this is the building that you must see when you visit the capital. Some visitors argue that there isn’t much to see inside, but it is the best ‘photo opportunity’ in the whole of Russia.

St Basils is steeped in history but also in legend: Did Ivan the Terrible really have the architect blinded so that he wouldn’t produce anything as beautiful again? In later years, Stalin was contemplating having the structure demolished as it interfered with parades, but thankfully he chose not to go through with his plans.

The rest of Moscow

It’s fair to say that any list of famous Russian buildings could concentrate on Moscow itself and the capital does play host to some of the most iconic landmarks in the country.

The grand Kremlin palace is quite breathtaking and for many tourists, it can even match St Basils for its majesty. Lenin’s tomb is another building in Red Square that attracts its fair share of overseas travellers.

Looking at modern buildings, the Ostankino tower is worth mentioning as it is quite simply the tallest building in Europe. Elsewhere, the business district known as Moscow City is typical of the more striking elements of modern Russian architecture.

St Petersburg

For many visitors to Russia, St Petersburg can at times match any building that Moscow can offer.

First and foremost, this city has frequently been dubbed the ‘Venice of the North’ due to its system of waterways and historical buildings. The views are quite amazing at times and the vista across the Neva River to the Hermitage and Winter Palace is quite memorable.

The Hermitage is arguably the greatest museum in the world with over 3,000,000 exhibits contained within its walls. Many tourists choose to spend more than a single day here to fully appreciate the museum which contains works by Da Vinci, Reubens, Michealangelo and many more.

Elsewhere in St Petersburg, the city is known for its bridges which are best viewed at night when they are brightly lit. You should also make sure of seeing the Admiralty Building and the Peter and Paul Fortress.


There are many other places to see in this fascinating country and the old city of Novgorod is particularly popular for giving visitors an insight into Russia through the centuries.

Whatever you’re looking for from any of the most famous Russian buildings, there is a whole host of beautiful architecture from all eras that will stay in the memory for a lifetime and when you travel to Russia, make sure to see as many as you can.

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