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Carnival of the Revolutions

Welcome to Siberian Light for the latest weekly Carnival of the Revolutions, where we aim to give you a sampling of how democracy is marching forwards (and sometimes backwards) in the world today.  So, without further ado, onto the…

Iranian elections

Middle East





Well, that’s it for this edition.  Details of the schedule for the carnival over the next couple of months, plus submission guidelines are below.


May 30:
June 6: Publius Pundit
June 13: Gateway Pundit
June 20: Siberian Light
June 27:
July 4:
July 11: Publius Pundit
July 18: Boxing Alcibiades
July 25: soapgun blog
August 1: SophistPundit
August 8: Blogrel
August 15: Am I A Pundit Now?
August 22: Coming Anarchy
August 29: One Free Korea
September 5: Thinking-East
September 12: Quid Nimis
September 19: OPEN
September 26: OPEN
October 3: OPEN
October 10: OPEN
October 17: OPEN
October 24: OPEN
October 31: OPEN
November 7: OPEN

Email if you would like to host the Carnival of Revolutions at some point in the future. We prefer that you have some experience blogging on these issues, as it requires a moderate level of expertise to prepare the carnival each week.

The submission deadline is each Sunday evening, but the exact deadline really up to the host each week. Any blogger can submit a post on the rapid flurry of events we see each week, or on a broader theoretical idea. The criteria are fairly broad, but inclusion of your submission is ultimately up to the host.

To submit a post for a future Carnival of Revolutions, use this page, or email the host for the week directly.


  • Will Franklin at and Robert Mayer at publispundit,com took a brave stand!… Quite a intense situation for Will to be subjected to that type of treatment!… Robert’s comments from Mojtaba Aghamohammdi were also quite intense!…BUT… The most horrific thing is the way the Iranian Regime continues the mascarade of a free and fair election!… has it all on video; Yet they continue denying what they did to deny votes from anti-Iranian terrorist Regime!…Take a look at the comments from Mojitaba Aghamohammdi!… He claims he was the one who helped host this election!

  • This may sound like a dumb question, but why do you call this a “carnival”?

  • Jennifer, I’m not entirely sure why we call it a carnival. I’ve always assumed it’s because every week the ‘carnival’ ups sticks and finds a new blog to call home, but if anyone else knows different…

  • “Elections are taking place in the disputed enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, which over which Armenia and Azerbaijan fought a war in the early 1990s. Azerbaijan, which still claims sovereignty over the enclave called the election illegitimate. Sadly, I couldn’t find any bloggers covering this story either, so we have to say thanks once again to BBC News for the scoop.”

    Not true. I’ve been blogging a little about it at:


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