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Berezovsky trial begins, also charged with plotting coup

Boris BerezovskyYesterday was a busy day for Boris Berezovsky.  Well, actually, the man himself was probably sat at home in London sipping a particularly fine wine, but it was a busy day for his prosecutors over in Moscow. 

Not only did Berezovsky’s trial in absentia on charges of embezzling Aeroflot’s funds begin, but he was also separately charged for calling for the violent overthrow of the Russian government

I don’t know all that much about the details of the Aeroflot case but I doubt his business dealings were any cleaner than those of other oligarchs of the same era, so I wouldn’t risk any money of my own betting against him being guilty.  And I certainly wouldn’t bet against him being found guilty by the court.

On the second charge, though – calling for the violent overthrow of the Russian government – I think they’ve got him pretty much bang to rights.  After all, if you give interviews to major newspapers claiming that you are “bankrolling people close to the president who are conspiring to mount a palace coup,” then you can’t really have too many complaints if the folks in the palace get a bit miffed.

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    Character: Genial, loquacious and fun. Likes to play up to the ‘bad boy’ image but in reality has left most of it behind. Not afraid of radioactive materials, a real mensch

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