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Aeroflot USA

Information about Aeroflot flights to and from the USA (New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC).

The Russian airline Aeroflot has flown to and from the USA for many years. Today, it operates flights on three main routes

  • New York to Moscow (and Moscow to New York)
  • Los Angeles to Moscow (and Moscow to Los Angeles)
  • Washington DC to Moscow (and Moscow to Washington DC)

In New York, Aeroflot Russian Airlines uses the John F Kennedy Airport (JFK Airport); in Los Angeles it uses Los Angeles International Aiport, and in Washington DC it uses Washington Dulles International Airport. All flights from the USA land in Sheremetyevo Airport, in Moscow.

There are no direct Aeroflot airlines flights between the USA and any other city in Russia, such as St Petersburg, but Sheremetyevo is a major domestic and international hub, and connecting flights can be caught easily. If flights aren’t available from Sheremetyevo, then they can also be caught from Moscow’s Domodedovo airport.

According to the Aeroflot USA schedule, Flights are usually once per day, although from June 2011, Aeroflot plan to operate two flights per day between New York and Moscow.

Aeroflot has for several years been a part of the SkyTeam airline alliance, so in the USA, it codeshares with Delta Airlines. This means that, as well as booking Aeroflot tickets online through an agent, or direct from Aeroflot, you can book tickets via Delta airlines.

Before travelling with Aeroflot USA, we recommend that you check our article about the Aeroflot baggage allowance. This is because Aeroflot applies different baggage allowances to passengers going to and from the United States – these allowances are considerably more generous than those for passengers travelling with Aeroflot on other global routes. Call it a USA only Aeroflot bonus!

Finally, some quick history about Aeroflot and its relationship with the United States. The first Aeroflot flight into the USA was in 1968; however between September 1983 and August 1990 Aeroflot’s licence to fly in and out of the USA was revoked by President Ronald Reagan, after the Soviet Union shot down a Korean airlines jetliner, after it had strayed into restricted airspace over Sakhalin Island. Flights were also briefly suspended in 1981, in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and again in early 1983, after martial law was declared in Poland.

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