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A guide to Aeroflot UK flights and procedures, and how to book Aeroflot flights.

Aeroflot operates many flights into and out of the United Kingdom. Currently, its main routes are London Heathrow to Moscow, London Heathrow to St Petersburg, and Gatwick to St Petersburg. And, of course, back again.

Flights from Heathrow to Moscow run at least twice per day, and sometimes as many as four times per day. Flights from Heathrow to St Petersburg and from Gatwick to St Petersburg only operate once per week from each airport.

Aeroflot Russian airlines also operates a large number of other flights into and out of London. It flies to and from Bangkok (three times per week), Beijing four times per week), Delhi (daily), Hong Kong (four times per week), Khabarovsk (twice a week), Shangai (four times per week), Seoul (three times per week), Tehran (three times per week), Tokyo (twice a week), and Ulan Bator (weekly). All in all, it would be fair to say that London is a major hub for Aeroflot airlines.

Almost all flights are using Aeroflot’s modern fleet of Airbus jets (usually the Airbus A321), with the occasional flight using a Boeing.

Aeroflot has a first class lounge at London Heathrow, which (if you have a first class ticket, naturally) you are free to enjoy. Offices with fax, telephone and internet access are available, as are newspapers, television and complementary drinks (soft and alcoholic).

Since October 2009, Aeroflot passengers flying into or out of London Heathrow, or London Gatwick, are able to take advantage of the new Aeroflot online check in system. This can be used from 24 hours before takeup, right up until 90 minutes before departure.

The Aeroflot London office address is 70 Piccadilly Street, London W1J 8HP. If you want to visit in person, the closest Tube station (Underground station or Metro Station) is Green Park, although it is also within walking distance of Piccadilly. The can be contacted by telephone on 0207355 2233, or by email – Their website is

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